Mosque Directory

The UKs’ most comprehensive Mosque Directory. is run by a small group of volunteers who share a vision of bringing the true of Islam to the masses. We wish to bring Islamic information to Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. 

Our two main objectives are to build and support the UK Muslim Community and to have a platform for an understanding of Islam using both Internet technology and personal contact. Therefore we need Mosques, Community Centres and Businesses in the UK to be able accommodate these people, who will need a place to grow and mature in their faith.

This is why we established, which is different from any other directory. We are unique, because we not only have a different form of outreach, but we also provide a system where Mosques can update and create a page that is both professional and reflects their identity.

Allahhuakbar is constantly updating their database and revising how best to serve their existing Mosques and Muslim Community, whilst providing regular search engine submissions to gain a wide reach and more site visitors. 

Our Mosque / Masjid Directory can be found here.